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Cyberware designs, manufactures, and sells standard and custom 3D scanning systems and software.

This page gives you a basic description of each command-line translator, the syntax to use it correctly, and any known problems or limitations.

If you are unsure of which translator to use, consult the diagram, Output Formats to determine which translator is appropriate.

Echo File Converters

  • byutodxf
  • byutotmesh
  • cyconvert
  • cyges
  • cytomesh
  • cytoslice
  • echoascii
  • PLY File Converters

  • obj2ply
  • ply23ds
  • ply2asc
  • ply2dxf
  • ply2iges
  • ply2iv
  • ply2obj
  • ply2rag
  • ply2stl
  • ply2wrl
  • ply2xyz
  • poly2byu
  • stl2ply