PlyView Quick Start

To use PlyView, follow these simple instructions:

To view a PLY file you have two options:

  1. Open the File. There are two methods to accomplish this:
    1. Double-click the PLY file to open it using PlyView.
    2. Double-Click Method
    3. Right-click the PLY file, then select View from the pop-up menu.
    4. Right-Click Method
  2. A window will open to display the file, as in the illustration below:
  3. PlyView (Initial View)
  4. Refer to the charts below for the basic rendering, file positioning and measurement commands.
  5. All commands are issued to the software via keyboard commands while PlyView is the active application. Simply click on the PlyView window, then type in the desired command.

Changing the View

Left mouse buttonRotate view.
Ctrl + Left mouse buttonSpin view
Middle mouse buttonPan view
Ctrl + Middle mouse buttonZoom view
5 (key pad)Rest pan, zoom and rotate
Space + 5 (key pad)Rest pan, zoom, rotate and spin
4 (key pad)Rotate view 30 degrees left
6 (key pad)Rotate view 30 degrees right
2 (key pad)Rotate view 30 degrees down
8 (key pad)Rotate view 30 degrees up

Rendering the Mesh

sShade faces.
SToggle smooth shading.
cShade faces with color.
CColor only (no shading).
wShade faces with confidence.
lDraw wireframe.
eRender faces in chrome.
ELoad new reflection map.
uShow UV coordinates.
F12 key"Locked In" rendering control.

Viewing Parameters

oToggle orthographic projection
fToggle fog
nFlip normals
tToggle display of vertexes

Hiding Faces

hHide inside box
HHide outside box
Space + hSwap hidden and visible faces
Alt + hMake all faces visible


.Add a point measure
>Delete a point measure
mAdd a distance measure
MDelete a distance measure

Capturing the Image

Print ScreenSave displayed image into "snap.rgb" (SGI)
Save displayed image into "snap.bmp" (Windows)
Ctrl + PrintScreenSwitch on 24-bit render


Esc or qExit from PlyView