PlyView File Viewer


PlyView is a simple program that's used to view Cyberware PLY (.ply) file format polygonal meshes.

You can display the meshes as either wireframe or shaded, in perspective or orthographic projections, with or without fog and so on. You can also measure point locations and distances between points.

PlyView is compatible with PCs running a current version of Windows (NT/2000/XP) and all Silicon Graphics workstations running IRIX 6.2 or higher. For complete system requirements, please refer to the system requirements.



View the Quick Start Guide

For Windows:

After PlyView has been installed correctly, you will have access to view any Cyberware PLY file by double-clicking its icon or by using the right mouse button to activate the pop-up menu, then selecting View.

For SGI:

If PlyView has been installed correctly, and your login environment has been configured, you should be able to type plyview followed by the names of the PLY files you want to view.

For example:

sgi 1# plyview hires.ply