Cyberware Software

System Requirements

Please refer to this document for the minimum computer system requirements.

The CyScan software is used to control all of the scan head and motion platform combinations on Windows operating systems (Windows 2000 Professional & XP Professional). This software uses an intuitive and time-saving graphical user interface for all of the primary scanning parameters and functions.

 DigiSize Whole Body Measurement Software
DigiSize is a complete solution for storing, managing and mining scan data from a Cyberware Whole Body 3D Scanner (Models WB4 and WBX) and Cyberware Head & Face Scanners. The core components of DigiSize are an innovative set of proven software tools that measure and analyze 3D scan files. DigiSize automatically extracts hundreds of tailor and anthropological measurements and uses these measurements to select optimally sized ready-to-wear garments. New optimized database storage management features simplify the retrieval of useful information from thousands of 3D scan files.

 CyDir Digitizing Environment
CyDir is a graphical interface for scanning objects, assembling and editing multiple scans, and merging multiple polygonal files into a single model. The CyDir environment contains several software packages, to include; CyDir, Guee, CyEdit, CyPaste, CyPie, CyEat, Mtool, and file format translation utilities. CyDir is included with the purchase of any of these bundles; Model Shop Color 3D Scanner Bundle and the Desktop 3D Scanner Bundle. A limited version is included in the Whole Body 4 Color 3D Scanner Bundle.

 PlyEdit Polygonal Editing Software
PlyEdit is a very powerful set of software tools that allows a user to merge multiple files into a single dataset and provides a wide array of polygonal editing tools. Some of the most common tasks in PlyEdit are filling holes, sculpting a polygonal mesh and reducing or multiplying the number of faces in a model. PlyEdit is included with the purchase of a Whole Body Color 3D Scanner (Model WBX)) and the Cyberware Head & Face Scanner (Model PX).

 CySurf / CyEdit+ Software
CySurf is a software package that quickly and easily converts Cyberware Echo scan files into NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) surfaces. These IGES 128 files are the preferred format for many popular modeling and engineering packages. CySurf is included with all Head & Face Color 3D Scanner Bundles.

 CySlice IGES Slicing Software
CySlice is used to create Subdivision Surfaces, NURBS (IGES 128) surfaces and to extract polylines (IGES 106) and splines (IGES 126 NURBS) from polygonal meshes. The software enables the user to draw boundary curves directly onto the polygonal model in an entirely free-form manner. Surfaces are then created using these boundary curves. Any parameter for each surface can be modified at any point in the creation process. The user could change the U/V resolution, adjust boundary curves, insert additional control points, or modify patch continuity, to name a few. If the user prefers to create slices of the data, the slice polylines or splines can then be imported into modeling software as an aid to the construction of spline-based surfaces or output directly into CAD/CAM software. As a plug-in for Maya, CySlice provides an interactive environment for generating surfaced models from polygonal meshes. As a stand-alone package, CySlice can be used with any animation/CAD system that can import Subdivision surfaces, IGES 106, 126, or 128 (NURBS) files.

 CyEdit- Software
CyEdit- is an excellent and very efficient editor for Echo scan files. CyEdit- is included with CyDir and any of these bundled systems: Model Shop Color 3D Scanner Bundle and the Desktop 3D Scanner Bundle. A limited version is included in the Whole Body Color 3D Scanner Bundle.

 Decimate Polygon Reduction Software
Decimate removes non-essential vertices from a Cyberware model by reducing the number of polygons by as much as 98%. This package will produce very efficient models that can be translated to a wide variety of industry-standard file formats using Cyberware-supplied translators. Decimate is included with all scanner bundles.

Mtool provides access to all of the PLY file converters and basic 3D transformation tools that are normally available only through a command-line interface. Mtool also gives the user a simple graphical interface to the Decimate program. Mtool is included with all scanner bundles, CyDir and CySlice.

PlyView is a simple, but very powerful, viewer for Cyberware PLY files. This viewer is available for free from our FTP site.

Cyberware also offers custom software solutions. Please contact our Sales Department for more information.