Guee Software


System Requirements

Please refer to this document for the minimum computer system requirements.

Guee is a button-based interface for the scanning software, which is still used to drive the scanner. A script file is used to translate between the interface buttons and actual scanning commands.

The power of Guee is in the way it lets you take multiple linear scans of an object, each separated by turns of equal or varying degrees, with the MS, MM, or M15 platforms. These multiple linear scans can then be fed into a merging program, such as CyPie, to create a more complete surface than you could get with a single cylindrical scan.

Guee Interface

Guee can also be used to take single cylindrical scans, as you would with a PS platform, with a more graphical interface than Echo provides.

And finally, you can still type in all of your favorite Echo commands by opening up the Guee Console window.

There are four basic steps that you take to scan an object with Guee. First a scanning script is selected, then the directory to hold the scan files is chosen, then the length of the scans and angles are picked, and finally the to Echo is opened and the scanning begins.