This page shows the steps necessary to convert a Cyberware PLY file into the binary stereo lithography format. There are two paths, one from Mtool/PlyTool (may require a license), the other using the command-line converter ply2stl:


Following is an example of how to use Mtool to open a Cyberware PLY file and save it in the Inventor format:

  1. Right-click on the PLY file that you would like to convert and select Convert:
  2. Open File
    Open a File for Conversion

    You'll see the PlyTool/Mtool application on your screen and the chosen file will be loaded into the software.

    File Loaded
    File Loaded
  3. Click on the Sort Faces checkbox to activate this option:
  4. Sort Faces
    Sort Faces
  5. Click on the white arrow next to Output.
  6. Open the Mesh Output Dialog
    Open the Mesh Output Dialog

    You should no see the Mesh Output and Output Type dialogs:

    Output Dialogs
    Output Dialogs
  7. In the Mesh Output window, click one time on the PLY file that you would like to convert:
  8. Select File
    Select the PLY File
  9. Click .stl from the list:
    Select the Output Type
    Select the Output Type (.stl)
  10. Click the green Output button in the Mesh Output window to save the file into the same directory as the original PLY file.
  11. If you would like to save the file to some other directory, navigate to that directory in the Mesh Output window, then click the Output button.

    Output STL
    Output STL
  12. Click the green Convert button in the Mtool/PlyTool window:
  13. Convert STL
    Convert STL

    After a small time, you should see Conversion Complete in the Console:

    Conversion Complete
    Conversion Complete
  14. Click the red Exit button in the main Mtool/PlyTool window to exit the program.
  15. Exit the Program
    Exit the Program
  16. Confirm that you would like to exit the program by clicking the red Exit button in the Exit? window.
  17. Exit the Program
    Exit the Program


Following are the complete usage instructions for this converter. A typical conversion will look like the following:

ply2stl infile.ply outfile.stl