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System Requirements

Please refer to this document for the minimum computer system requirements.

The 3D Measuring Machine


DigiSize Basic Tutorial Video

DigiSize Tutorial Video

Solutions For:

The Cyberware DigiSize software application is a complete solution to measure, size, analyze, store and manage scan data from the Cyberware Whole Body scanners (Models WB4 and WBX) and the Cyberware Head & Face scanner. The core components of DigiSize are an innovative set of proven software tools that measure and analyze 3D scan files. DigiSize automatically extracts dozens of tailor and anthropological measurements (point, linear distance and volume). An application of the DigiSize software includes using these measurements to select optimally-sized ready-to-wear garments. Database storage management features simplify the retrieval of useful information from thousands of 3D scan files. The Project Manager features support for multiple projects with separate databases and custom data fields.

DigiSize provides the scan operator with a simplified interface for ease of use in real-time scan sessions. There is also the capability to run batch mode measurement and size selection on existing 3D scan files. An integrated set of statistics and distribution tools are included to assist in the analysis of the measurement and size selection results. Data storage management is incorporated into DigiSize so that it is capable of handling large numbers of scan subject files. The DigiSize application is modular and extensible so that new measurements can be created and additional clothing items can be added without code changes.

Female Measurements Volume Measurement Male Measurements
Female MeasurementsVolume MeasurementMale Measurements

DigiSize software features:

DigiSize Case Studies

We have highlights of the work that is being done with DigiSize on our Case Studies page.

The WBX scanner and the DigiSize software were developed for the Apparel Research Network (ARN), a Defense Logistics Agency program. The ARN program received the Vice President's National Partnership for Reinventing Government Hammer Award in February 2001. The Hammer Award is presented to people that create opportunities for the government to save money or create other efficiencies and is presented by the Vice President of the United States.

Cyberware Whole Body and Head & Face data sets can also be converted to VRML for web-based applications. Future applications will enable people to be scanned, and then use their three-dimensional scan file to preview, in a store viewing kiosk or on the Internet, how they will look in a garment without even trying it on! One can see a proof of concept VRML model at our VRML Samples page.


DigiSize Specifications

Operating System(s)Windows 7 (Models PX, WBX & PS2)
Windows XP Professional
Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 4 or higher)
Scanner(s) Head & Face Scanner (Model PX)
Whole Body Scanner (Model WBX)
Head & Face Scanner (Model PS)
Whole Body Scanner (Model WB4)
Digitizing Setup: Company Identification
Location Identification
Database Identification
Real-Time Digitizing Display
Laser Power Setting
Alignment Aids
Motion Control Setup
Sampling Pitch Control
Digitizing: Color, Luminance, and Range-Only Digitizing; can accept raw images from any Cyberware digitizer and resample to an efficient range map format.
Viewing: Point, Wireframe and Shaded Views of Digitized Surfaces
Includes View, Pan, Zoom, Rotate, and Other Viewing Controls
Surface Cursor Allows Detailed Measurements and Analysis
Mouse, Menu, and Panel Controls
Analysis: Category Manager
Open Manager
Import Manager
Scan Manager
Project Manager
Measurement Statistics
Measurement Distribution
Measurement View
Measurement Manual Entry
Size Selection Statistics
Size Selection Summary
Size Selection Manual Entry
Database Summary
Database Compression
Database Classification
Batch Measurement Processing
Batch Size Selection Processing
Batch Point Processing
Tabular Range Listings
Image Quality and Statistics
Modification: Modifiable Clothing Size Tables
Modifiable Measurement Adjustments
Ability to Create New Measurements
Ability to Add New Clothing Items
Inputs: Inventor Scan Files (from the Head & Face, Whole Body (Model WB4) and Whole Body (Model WBX) Scanners)
Measurements as Spreadsheet Data
User Commands Via Keyboard, Mouse, Menus and Buttons
Outputs: Cyberware Echo Files
Cyberware Ply Files
TIFF Image Files
Inventor Whole Body Scan Files
Size Selection Printed Tickets
Body Measurements for Automated Made-to-Measure Garment Facilities
Exports Measurements as Spreadsheet