CySurf / CyEdit+ Software


System Requirements

Please refer to this document for the minimum computer system requirements.

CySurf/CyEdit+ is really just a data conversion program - it reads in Cyberware range and color scans, and writes out IGES B-spline surfaces with corresponding color and bump texture maps. It is also a data reduction program - the number of points required to describe a B-spline surface can be as low as 1% of the number of scanned surface points (see illustration below).

Surfaced Data

The surfaces produced by CySurf/CyEdit+ can be taken into a wide variety of existing modelers and renderers. And once the textures are applied the resulting images usually look as good as the original scan data. The data reduction is an important part of this importing process. If you can get a good looking surface with a small number of control points, it's a lot easier to manipulate that surface.

CySurf/CyEdit+ Overview
Inputs: Cyberware Echo Files
CySurf/CyEdit+ NTS Files
TIFF Image Files Silicon Graphics RGB Image Files
User Commands Via Keyboard, Mouse, and Buttons
Outputs: IGES 128 NURBS Surfaces
Cyberware Echo Files
CySurf/CyEdit+ NTS Files
TIFF Image Files
Cyberware PLY