CyScan Digitizing Software

Cyberware's CyScan software gives the user interactive control of the entire digitizing process. Only moments after the digitizer has scanned the subject, the software allows the user to view the results. The user, therefore, gets immediate feedback on the quality of the digitized model.


Once the digitizing is completed satisfactorily, the user can edit the model using the CySurf or CyEdit package (one of the two will be included with most scanner bundle purchases). Editing operations include point editing, smoothing, despiking, proportioning, interpolating, and blending.

Models are displayed as point clouds by default. The user can also view the models in other several ways, some of which are; Gouraud shaded, RGB color shaded, or shaded and texture surfaces.

Digitized color (RGB) models are stored in the TIFF image format, which is easily accessed by common image tools. Because this data format is simple and readily available, the user can manipulate it easily. Cyberware tools can translate models into formats suitable for popular third-party programs as AutoCAD, Surfacer, 3D Studio, Power Animator, Maya, Softimage, and many others.

Throughout the CyScan software, the software tools are supported by on-line help information. Configuration files permit the user to set and forget values such as digitizer parameters, image resolution, display colors, and command defaults. The features and performance of the CyScan software suit it to a wide variety of tasks, with special capabilities for handling digitized models of live subjects.

CyScan Specifications

Operating System(s)Windows 7 (Models PX, WBX, PS2 & MX2)
Windows XP Professional
Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 4 or higher)
Scanner(s) Head & Face Scanner (Model PX)
Whole Body Scanner (Model WBX)
Head & Face Scanner (Model PS)
Whole Body Scanner (Model WB4)
Model Shop Scanner
Desktop Scanner
Digitizing Setup: Real-Time Digitizing Display
Laser Power Setting
Alignment Aids
Motion Control Setup
Sampling Pitch Control
Digitizing: Color, Luminance, and Range-Only Digitizing; can accept raw images from any Cyberware digitizer and resample to an efficient range map format.
Viewing: Point, Wireframe and Shaded Views of Digitized Surfaces
Includes View, Pan, Zoom, Rotate, and Other Viewing Controls
Surface Cursor Allows Detailed Measurements and Analysis
Mouse, Menu, and Panel Controls
Analysis: Tabular Range Listings
Image Quality and Statistics
Inputs: Cyberware Range Map Files
Cyberware CyScan Files
TIFF Image Files
User Commands Via Keyboard, Mouse, Menus and Buttons
Outputs: Cyberware Echo Files
Cyberware Ply Files
TIFF Image Files
Other Features
On-line Manual and Help
Various conversion programs