Whole Body Color 3D Scanner Samples (Model WBX)



The images on this page hope to demonstrate the color texture editing capabilities of Cyberware Whole Body data. The scan was acquired on a standard Cyberware Whole Body Color 3D Scanner (Model WBX) using the default scanning parameters and high-resolution color. This data has been edited in PlyTool to perform basic scan cleanup, then decimated heavily using the selective decimation tools. The UV maps were extracted from the CPV PLY file using UVLayout then edited using Photoshop CS4 Extended. An outline of the conversion process is available for review, so that you may see the scope of the UV map creation.

Unless otherwise marked datasets may be used for any non-commercial purpose. Credit to Cyberware is appreciated where appropriate. Please direct comments, advice and requests to info@cyberware.com. Additional tools and information may be obtained via our web site.


Download Samples

To facilitate your own comparisons, Cyberware provides these sample models for download and viewing. Click the appropriate links below to download the sample data. These sample files can be viewed using the PlyView viewer.


Images for Comparison

Intial View

[Initial View - Unedited UV Map] [Initial View - Unedited UV Map]
Initial View - Unedited UV MapInitial View - Edited UV Map

Shirt Front

[Shirt Front - Unedited UV Map] [Shirt Front - Unedited UV Map]
Shirt Front - Unedited UV MapShirt Front - Edited UV Map

Shirt Back

[Shirt Back - Unedited UV Map] [Shirt Back - Unedited UV Map]
Shirt Back - Unedited UV MapShirt Back View - Edited UV Map

Shorts Logo

[Shorts Logo - Unedited UV Map] [Shorts Logo - Unedited UV Map]
Shorts Logo - Unedited UV MapShorts Logo - Edited UV Map