Whole Body Color 3D Scanner (Model WBX) Software

As with Cyberware's other 3D scanners, the Whole Body Color 3D Scanner is controlled via Cyberware software running on a PC. This software has been designed to make capturing the shape of the subject quick and easy. 3D rendering tools allow the operator to view the 3D scan data immediately following completion of the scan. Also included is the PlyEdit software. This tool gives you the ability to quickly and effectively edit 3D PLY files (OBJ and STL are also usable after a simple file format conversion).

Software options available with the Whole Body 3D Scanner serve a wide variety of applications in the fields of anthropometry, fashion, fitness, games, graphics, medicine and research.

DigiSize Pro software tools make it easy to measure, size, analyze, store and manage scan data from the Cyberware Whole Body scanners. The core components of DigiSize Pro are an innovative set of proven software tools for use with 3D scan files. DigiSize Pro automatically extracts dozens of tailor and anthropological measurements. DigiSize Pro can also be used to select optimally sized ready-to-wear garments. New database storage management features simplify the retrieval of useful information from thousands of 3D scan files.

CyDir, CySlice, PlyEdit and Mtool provide powerful tools for generating clean 3D models in a wide variety of output formats (e.g. PLY, OBJ, STL, NURBS, SUBD's, QUADS, VRML).