Head & Face Color 3D Scanner Software

The Head & Face Scanner is completely controlled by the bundlded CyScan or DigiSize software. Cyberware software provides specific features for controlling the scanner and editing the scanned data.

Software gives one total control of the Head & Face scanner operating on a graphics workstation. The PlyEdit software, available from Cyberware, allows the user to manipulate and analyze the 3D models in a variety of ways. The user can automatically measure attributes such as area and volume. The user can edit models with operations such as cut and paste, clipping, scaling, recentering, removal of spikes and interactive data sculpting.

One can also use popular third-party programs to work with the 3D models. Cyberware supplies translation tools that convert the scanner's data array to a form readable by most third-party programs. (The Cyberware data format is in the public domain, so it is easy to create your own special-purpose translation routines.)

Users might also consider the CySlice software in order to create complex NURBS, Subdivision Surface, or ordered polygon datasets.