Head & Face Color 3D Scanner (Model PX) Samples



The intention of Cyberware in releasing these datasets is to both return value to the CG community, to which we are indebted for its past and continued support, and to promote these odd scanning devices that a couple dozen people here sweat over. We are interested to learn and see what you might accomplish by using these models.

The raw data output format from Cyberware scanners is an ordered point cloud. Cyberware has translators that support a wide variety of output formats, including 3D Studio & 3D Studio MAX, ASCII, Digital Arts, DXF, DXF (3D FACES), IGES 106, IGES 124, IGES 126, IGES 128, Inventor, OBJ, PLY, SCR (AutoCAD mesh), SCR (AutoCAD slice), STL, subdivision surfaces, and VRML. For more information, refer to our file formats listing.

Most of the files here were saved in the PLY file format, which is available in the public domain. One may also find Inventor files in the following links. These Inventor files are the default file format for Cyberware's latest scanners and should not be confused with the new Inventor format from AutoDesk. Finally, the Echo file format is also popular and will be supported by many legacy applications. We provide sample I/O routines and file format information in the following links:

File FormatViewerFile Format Specification (I/O)
CyScan/InventorCyScan (License Required)CyScan File Format
CyScan (License Required)
PLY File Format
CyScan (License Required)
Echo File Format

All of the samples provided were scanned on a Cyberware Head & Face Color 3D Scanner (Model PX). A scan takes approximately 16 seconds to complete and captures the 3D range (X, Y, Z) data as well as a 24-bit color texture map.

Following is a brief description of the types of files that one will find in our data samples (most files are compressed using the ZIP format):

filename.plyThis file is a merged but unedited PLY file, created with software that is included in a scanner bundle purchase. This file typifies the results that one can expect to see when using a Cyberware Rapid 3D Scanner.
filename-E.plyThis is a PLY file that has been merged and edited. All editing procedures were completed using the PlyEdit software (included in Head & Face Scanner Bundle).
filename.ivThis is the original unedited CyScan scan file (Inventor format).

Unless otherwise marked datasets may be used for any non-commercial purpose. Credit to Cyberware is appreciated where appropriate. Please direct comments, advice and requests to info@cyberware.com. Additional tools and information may be obtained via our web site.


Sample Head & Face Data

Male 01A (sRGB)
Male PX Sample 1A Download Options
Total Polygons:> 2,140,000
Total Scan Time:18 Seconds
Color Capture:sRGB
Male 01
Male PX Sample 1 Download Options
Total Polygons:> 1,400,000
Total Scan Time:18 Seconds
Color Capture:RGB
Male 02
Male PX Sample 2 Download Options
Total Polygons:> 1,400,000
Total Scan Time:18 Seconds
Color Capture:RGB
Male 03
Male PX Sample 3 Download Options
Total Polygons:> 1,000,000
Total Scan Time:18 Seconds
Color Capture:RGB