Head & Face Color 3D Scanner (Model PX)

Maximum Surface Coverage Head & Face Scanner

Cyberware's all new Head & Face Color 3D Scanner is designed to offer maximum coverage scanning of the human head and face. The system is designed for applications that will benefit from increased scan coverage of the top of the head and under cut areas of the chin. Projects which require high quality data from the eye and mouth area will also benefit from the fine sample pitch of the new Head & Face Color 3D Scanner. The new Head & Face Color 3D Scanner is even easier to use and will take your work to the next level.

Head and Face Scanner (Model PX)

Scanner and motion system; to include USB interface, power supply, cabling, CyScan™ scan control software, PlyEdit polygonal editing software, online user guides, installation and training on-site, one year return-to-factory warranty, support and software updates.

Head & Face 3D Scanner Video

Head & Face Color 3D Scanner (Model PX) Video

The scan head is an advanced, implementation of Cyberware's 3D digitizing technology. The system incorporates a rugged, self-contained optical range-finding system, whose dynamic range accommodates varying lighting conditions and surface properties.

In operation, the Head & Face Color 3D Scanner shines a safe, low-intensity laser on an object to create a lighted profile. A sensor captures this profile. The system can digitize thousands of profiles in a few seconds to capture the shape of the entire object. At the same time a second sensor acquires color texture information.

The scanning process captures an array of digitized points, with each point represented by X, Y, and Z coordinates for shape and 24-bit RGB values for color. Color sampling pitch is user selectable at either one or four texels per vertex. The system transfers this data via a USB interface to your computer for immediate viewing.

This system is popular with special effects professionals. This system is also useful in medical applications, such as reconstructive and/or plastic surgery, and burn mask design. Similarly, designers of products such as helmets, which must fit the human head closely, find the motion system ideal because it scans the top of the head. This system also serves well for personal portrait sculpture, in which a person's head is digitized, then reproduced on an automated milling machine or rapid prototyping system with remarkable fidelity.

Application Areas
  • Movies, Games, Special Effects
  • Custom Helmet & Mask Design
  • Anthropology and Human Factors
  • Burn and Facial Reconstruction Medicine
  • Portrait Sculpture

Sample data sets acquired with the Head & Face Color 3D Scanner are available on our web site. Download the sample files and test them in your application.

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