Model Shop Color 3D Scanner (Model MS)

The Model Shop Color 3D Scanner couples the 3030RGB scanhead with the MS motion system.

The Model 3030 3D scan head is an advanced, general-purpose implementation of Cyberware's proven 3D digitizing technology. The 3030 incorporates a rugged, self-contained optical range-finding system, whose dynamic range accommodates varying lighting conditions and surface properties. Entirely software controlled, the 3030 requires no user adjustments in normal use.

Model Shop Scanner

Cyberware's most versatile 3D scanner for inanimate objects.

Ideal for scanning large sculptures, maquettes and industrial models.

In operation, the 3030 shines a safe, low-intensity laser on an object to create a lighted profile. A high-quality video sensor captures this profile from two viewpoints. The system can digitize thousands of these profiles in a few seconds to capture the shape of the entire object. Simultaneously, a second video sensor in the 3030 acquires color information.

The scanning process captures an array of digitized points, with each point represented by x, y, and z coordinates for shape and 24-bit RGB coordinates for color. The 3030 transfers this data via a SCSI interface to a graphics workstation for immediate viewing and modification.

Color information in 3D digitizing makes available nearly all the information a graphics application needs to fully describe an object. In addition to enhancing realism in graphic models, color denotes boundaries that are not obvious from shape alone. Color indicates surface texture and reflectance. And by marking an object's surface before digitizing, one can use color to transfer ideas from the object to the graphic model.

Standard-resolution 3030 scan head with RGB texture map capability and Model Shop motion platform, SCSI or USB interface, power supply, cabling, and online manuals. Also includes node-locked CyDir, Decimate, and scanning software, as well as file format translators, on-site installation and training, a one-year return-to-factory warranty, technical support and software updates.

In specialized applications, color can reveal characteristics such as skin discoloration, the grain of a piece of wood, or the locations of fasteners. Working in the infrared region, a customized color subsystem could even detect surface temperature.

The MS motion system is especially well suited to the types of subjects digitized in model shop and animation work. The MS platform adjusts quickly to accommodate subjects such as 1/5-scale automobile models and other objects that will be incorporated into CAD/CAM systems.

To achieve a variety of digitizing patterns, the MS platform features both linear and cylindrical scan paths plus linear/cylindrical combinations. One motion system moves objects along the length of the motion platform, while another motion system rotates the object. By combining these movements, one can get detailed scans of an entire object - even exotically shaped objects.

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