Ear Impression 3D Scanner (Model M7G)

The high-resolution Ear Impression 3D Scanner (Model M7G) is designed for rapidly acquiring accurate 3D models of ear impressions for use in custom hearing aid design.

Ear Impression 3D Scanner

Ideal for scanning sculpted characters and other objects for computer animation, product prototypes, and for research applications.

Cyberware's Ear Impression 3D Scanner rapidly captures the ear impressions - with a compact system that fits easily on a desktop. It is highly integrated to provide all the 3D scanning resources you need in one low-cost package.

In less than 5 minutes, the Ear Impression 3D Scanner captures highly detailed 3D models that you can analyze, modify, and physically reproduce using rapid-prototyping systems.

The M7G, like Cyberware's other 3D scanners, uses laser video technology to rapidly capture an object's complete shape, without touching the object. The stand-alone software, operating on a PC, provides a simple "push button" GUI interface to perform scans from multiple viewpoints. The software creates completely assembled digital 3D models.

The high-resolution 3D scan head, Model 7G motion platform with 3 axes of movement, USB interface, integrated power supply, cabling, online user guides and software. Software includes node-locked scanning software. This bundle also includes in-factory training, a one-year return-to-factory warranty, technical support and software updates.

This software has been designed for ease of use and gives even non-technical users a fast and simple way to capture the shape of an object. The software automatically positions and scans the subject, merges and edits the data, and finally saves the completed model. The user simply inputs basic information to name the file, then presses the Scan button.

The motion subsystem built into the Ear Impression Scanner furnishes cylindrical, linear, and theta scanning. The positioning platform rotates the object about 2 unique axes and the scanning unit follows a linear path in front of the object on the platform. These scanning patterns allow you to scan virtually any ear impression up to 55mm 55mm 55mm (2.17") in size.

All the scanning motions and settings are controlled by the software that comes with the Model 7G. This includes tools for managing the scanning process and automatically aligning and merging scans to create complete 3D models. Files can be translated easily so that you can take advantage of the many commercially-available software packages that work with 3D models.

No other 3D scanning technology delivers the high speed and resolution offered by Cyberware products such as the Model 7G. Now, for the first time, Cyberware has packaged this advanced technology in a compact, low-cost format. The M7G makes rapid 3D scanning of ear impressions fast, simple and affordable.

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