Desktop 3D Scanner (Model 15)

This compact, low-cost, high-resolution scanner fits easily on a desktop and makes rapid 3D scanning available for the most demanding research, medical, artistic or engineering projects.

Desktop Scanner

Ideal for scanning sculpted characters and other objects for computer animation, product prototypes, and for research applications.

Among the most versatile 3D scanners ever developed, Cyberware's Desktop 3D Scanner (Model 15) allows you to capture the shape of an endless variety of objects - all with a small system that fits easily on a desktop. The Model 15 is highly integrated to provide all the 3D scanning resources you need in one low-cost package.

The Desktop 3D scanner features a complete 3D scanning package - scanning unit, motion subsystem, and software - in an integrated format. With the addition of a graphics workstation, the system includes everything you need to make fast, high-quality scans.

In a few seconds, this scanner captures highly detailed 3D models that you can analyze, modify, and physically reproduce using automated milling machines or rapid-prototyping systems. The Desktop 3D Scanner is ideal for supporting tasks such as; product design, CAD/CAM, research, animation and special effects for film, medical applications and reverse engineering.

The DESKTOP 3D SCANNER BUNDLE (Model 15) includes:
The high-resolution Desktop 3D scan head, Model 15 motion platform, SCSI or USB interface, power supply, cabling, online user guides and software. Software includes node-locked CyDir, Decimate, and scanning software, as well as file format translators. This bundle also includes in-factory training, a one-year return-to-factory warranty, technical support and software updates.

Like Cyberware's other 3D scanners, the Desktop scanner uses laser video technology to capture an object's shape in about 17 seconds, without touching the object. The resultant 3D model is displayed instantly on a graphics workstation. The motion subsystem built into the scanner furnishes both cylindrical and linear scanning. The motion platform can rotate the object in front of the scanning unit, and the scanning unit can scan in a linear path across an object on the platform. These scanning patterns allow you to scan virtually any type of object up to 250mm 150mm 75mm (10" 6" 3") in size. In some cases larger objects can be scanned in parts and assembled using the CyDir software.

No other 3D scanning technology delivers the high speed and resolution offered by Cyberware products such as the Model 15, and never before has Cyberware packaged this advanced technology in such a compact, low-cost format. The Cyberware Model 15 makes rapid 3D scanning available for your most demanding research, medical, artistic, or engineering projects.

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