3D Scanning Software Released For MS-Windows NT® Platforms

Monterey, CA. - August 9, 1999 - Traditionally, three-dimensional software development has been done for high-priced proprietary graphics workstations. This was necessitated by the specialized hardware required to effectively handle real-time 3D-image manipulation and display. However, with recent advances in IBM-PC-compatible 3D-display hardware, it has now become practical to produce software that will support advanced 3D applications on these lower cost and much more widely available platforms.

Sue Addleman, Vice President of Cyberware said "We are excited about this opportunity to provide essentially all of our three-dimensional scanning and image processing software for use on Windows NT®-based systems, as well as Silicon Graphics® workstations. This opens up opportunities for a much broader base of users to employ our advanced three-dimensional application software. The result will be more rapid advances in 3D-oriented technologies than ever before."

Some of the powerful Cyberware™ 3D Software Packages affected include:

The only special hardware requirement that may need to be added to existing NT-based systems is a 3D Graphics Board that supports OpenGL.

About Cyberware

For nearly two decades, Cyberware has developed and produced the world's most advanced 3D scanning products and software. These innovative products include 3D scanners ranging from compact desktop models to systems for scanning the entire human body in one pass. The supporting software is continuously setting standards in three-dimensional imaging. Cyberware 3D Scanners and software have been used in applications such as artistic product design, CAD/CAM, research, animation and special effects for film, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, medical appliance design, anthropometry / ergonomics, and personal portrait sculpture.