Terminator II Special Effects Rely On Cyberware Technology

MONTEREY, CA - July 3, 1991 - Cyberware's rapid 3D color digitizing technology played a key role in creating many of the stunning special effects in the movie Terminator II. Touted as the apex of computer-graphics-based special effects, Terminator II features the work of the special-effects geniuses at Industrial Light & Magic. Cyberware is proud to have assisted them in this project.

A Cyberware rapid 3D color digitizer was used to scan the heads of two Terminator II actors, Linda Hamilton and Robert Patrick, as well as a bust of Arnold Swarzenegger and a robot used in the film. The digitizer essentially works as a 3D color camera that captures the shape and color of an object in a few seconds. The object is then available as a 3D computer model that can be manipulated in many ways.

In one Terminator II sequence, the liquid-metal creature played by Robert Patrick pours himself into a helicopter and tells the pilot to get out. The sequence employs a sophisticated animation technique that started with six scans of Patrick's head on the Cyberware digitizer. Each scan captured a facial expression that Patrick would go through if he said, "Get out!" The Industrial Light & Magic animators manipulated the six 3D models to create smooth transitions between them, thus animating Patrick's actual features in three dimensions. The result is a breathtaking example of the latest computer graphics technology.

Cyberware models were used to create many other Terminator II special effects, including a pair of boots that march on their own, a punch thrown at the liquid-metal creature's side that goes right through, and a fiery scene involving Linda Hamilton's face.

In addition to Terminator II, Cyberware has assisted with the creation of special effects for The Abyss, The Doors, Star Trek IV, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Robocop II.

Cyberware manufactures several types of rapid 3D color digitizers, which are used by doctors, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, artists, and film makers around the world.