Cyberware Supports Stereoscopic 3D Graphics

MONTEREY, CA - April 17, 1992 - Cyberware has announced that the images captured by Cyberware 3D color scanners can now be viewed with dramatic 3D realism using StereoGraphics technology. In contrast to the relatively simple geometric models usually applied to the StereoGraphics system, Cyberware introduces the ability to view complex real-world objects such as the human head or clay models created by industrial artists.

The stereoscopic viewing technology, developed by StereoGraphics Corp. (San Rafael, CA), gives users true depth perception of 3D objects on a Silicon Graphics workstation screen. In one configuration, for example, the user looks at the workstation screen through glasses consisting of LCD shutters. The shutters are electronically synchronized with the screen to show left- and right-eye views of the 3D image. This method simulates the stereo view the eyes have of actual 3D objects and reveals the 3D qualities of screen images. StereoGraphics also supplies hardware for projecting the stereoscopic images on a large screen for presentations.

Viewing Cyberware images via the StereoGraphics system gives users true depth perception. The ability to modify and manipulate the 3D images accurately is therefore greatly enhanced. Users get a lifelike visualization, which makes the object's geometry easier to understand and reduces or eliminates the need to build physical models of the image. Archiving images of objects, such as archaeological items, is more practical because users can study the image from a database rather than the actual object. The realistic 3D view simplifies measurements, makes possible more rigorous judgments in medical applications, and reduces visual ambiguity.

Cyberware's Echo software now supports the stereoscopic viewing capability as a standard feature. This software controls the scanning hardware and allows users to view and edit the resulting images. Existing users can obtain an upgrade from Cyberware at no cost. The StereoGraphics components needed to view stereoscopic images on a Silicon Graphics workstation cost $1950.

Cyberware color 3D scanners capture the shape and color of complex objects in less than 30 seconds. The image of the object is then available as a 3D color model on a graphics workstation. Among the many applications for this technology are product design, CAD/CAM, animation, medical uses, anthropometry and ergonomics, portrait sculpture, and many research fields. Cyberware supports these applications with a variety of scanners and software tools.

For more information on StereoGraphics technology, contact StereoGraphics Corp., 2171-H East Francisco Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901, (415) 459-4500.