Rapid 3D Digitizing Platform Scans the Human Head

MONTEREY, CA - November 22, 1991 - Cyberware has introduced a motion platform that allows users to scan objects such as the human head quickly and easily. The platform works with Cyberware's 3030 family of rapid 3D color digitizers to produce highly accurate 3D computer models in full color.

The PS platform scans an object in less than 30 seconds. While the object remains stationary, the platform moves a digitizing unit around the object.

The digitizer uses a light beam and video cameras to capture all the details of the object's color and shape, with a resolution as fine as 0.5 mm. The resulting 3D computer model can be viewed on a graphics workstation or an IBM PC-compatible computer, using software supplied by Cyberware. The software also allows users to control the scanning process, manipulate the computer model's shape, and convert the model for use with popular 3D applications, such as CAD programs. If desired, users can reproduce the object - or a modified version of it - on automated milling machines and rapid prototyping systems.

The PS motion platform replaces a similar product that has been used to scan actors for special effects in movies such as Terminator II, The Doors, and The Abyss. The PS platform is also ideal for supporting medical uses such as reconstructive surgery and for creating portrait sculpture - lifelike busts of people that are produced on automated milling machines. The PS platform suits many applications involving objects that are inconvenient to place on moving platforms.

Cyberware manufactures a variety of hardware and software products for rapid 3D color scanning. These products are used by doctors, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, artists, and film makers around the world.