Rapid 3D Scanner Revolutionizes Podiatrics

MONTEREY, CA - October 4. 1991 - Cyberware has introduced a rapid 3D scanner designed for podiatric use. The new 1508/PD scanner optically scans the bottom, sides, and heel of a patient's foot. This technique captures the foot's shape much faster, more easily, and more accurately than conventional methods.

The 1508/PD scanner was designed in conjunction with leading podiatrists. Relying on Cyberware's widely recognized expertise in 3D scanning technology, the podiatrists specified the scanner's characteristics. The scanner is targeted at orthotics laboratories that will package the 1508/PD with a computer and software for use by working podiatrists.

To perform a scan, the operator positions the patient's foot in front of the 1508/PD. The operator then starts the unit, which automatically scans the patient's foot with a light beam in 8 seconds. The resulting shape data is stored in the computer and can be viewed graphically on the computer's screen.

The data can be sent over phone lines to the orthotics laboratory, which uses the data in advanced computer-aided manufacturing systems to fabricate orthotic devices. The data is compatible with all popular automation software.

The Cyberware scanner captures all important features of the foot, including several inches up and around the heel. Markings on the foot are also captured in detail, allowing the podiatrist to mark significant features for alignments.

The 1508/PD scanners measures 100 × 46 × 48 cm and weighs 22 Kg. It is mounted on casters for portability. The scanner costs $10,000 in quantities of 100. Delivery is from stock to 30 days.

Cyberware manufactures several types of rapid 3D color digitizers, which are used by animators, doctors, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, artists, and film makers around the world.