PC Software Broadens the Availability of Rapid 3D Digitizing

MONTEREY, CA - August 8, 1991 - Cyberware Inc. has ported its Echo software for rapid three-dimensional digitizing to IBM PC compatibles. Combined with Cyberware's low-cost 3030LN digitizer, introduced earlier this month, the PC software promises to bring advanced 3D digitizing technology to a much larger number of users than ever before. The Echo software was previously available only on high-performance UNIX workstations.

The Echo software controls the 3030LN and other Cyberware digitizers, as well as providing functions for manipulating the digitized models. Immediately after digitizing, the software allows users to view models from any angle. Models can be rotated, scaled, sectioned, stretched, smoothed, combined with other models, and manipulated in many other ways. Additionally, users can automatically measure attributes such as point coordinates, area, volume, and statistical factors.

Included with the Echo software are conversion programs that make Cyberware 3D models available for use in application programs such as AutoCAD, AutoShade, and many others.

The Echo software supports Silicon Graphics' IrisVision card set, which permits 386- and 486-based PC compatibles to display high-quality 3D images. The two-card set is available for both the AT and Microchannel buses. With IrisVision, PC users can quickly render and move realistically shaded Cyberware models in color. The Echo software also supports wire frame models on PCs that are not equipped with the IrisVision card set.

The Echo software for PC compatibles costs $5000. It is available immediately upon receipt of orders.

Cyberware manufactures several types of rapid 3D color digitizers, which are used by animators, doctors, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, artists, and film makers around the world. The digitizers capture the shape and color of a complex object in less than 30 seconds. Color transparencies are available.