Compact Motion Platform Enhances 3D Scanning of Small Objects

MONTEREY, CA - April 10, 1994 - Cyberware has introduced a new motion platform especially designed to support rapid, color 3D scanning of small objects. The MM platform provides both cylindrical and rectangular motion, which gives users complete freedom in scanning complex objects.

The MM platform accommodates linear scans as wide as 350 mm and cylindrical scans of diameters as large as 460 mm. This makes the MM platform ideal for scanning a wide variety of objects for many different types of applications. Possibilities range from packaging, such as bottles and cardboard cartons, to sculpted characters for computer animation.

As with Cyberware's other motion platforms, the MM performs 3D scans using any of the company's Model 3030 optical instruments. The scanner works by shining low-intensity laser light on an object to create a lighted profile, which is captured by high-quality video sensors from two viewpoints. An automated motion platform such as the MM permits users to digitize thousands of these profiles in a few seconds to capture the shape and color of the entire object. With the MM platform, a scan is done by moving the object while the optical instrument remains stationary.

Because of the MM platform's compact size, it is an excellent choice for facilities where space is at a premium. The MM also costs less than Cyberware's larger linear/cylindrical platform, the popular MS.

Additionally, the MM platform is perfect for use with Cyberware's 3030 HRC optical instrument, which provides color 3D scans with resolutions as fine as 70 pixels/cm (165 pixels/inch). This high resolution gives users a direct path to animation and other effects for film and video.

The MM platform interfaces with Silicon Graphics workstations via SCSI or Ethernet. All scanning is done automatically under control of Cyberware software running on the workstation. The only manual control on the MM platform is a simple height adjustment.

The complete MM based system starts at $69,200. It is available within 30 days ARO.

Cyberware color 3D scanners assist in applications such as artistic product design, CAD/CAM, special effects for movies, research, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, medical appliance design, anthropometry/ergonomics, and personal portrait sculpture. For 10 years, Cyberware has manufactured the world's leading 3D scanners.