Cyberware WBX and DigiSize used to issue 20,000 Marine Corps Recruit Uniforms

Monterey, CA - August 9, 2001 - In February of 2000, the US Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego replaced their old process of manually measuring incoming recruits and issuing uniform sizes by a faster and more reliable method that uses a Cyberware WBX scanner and Cyberware's DigiSize software. The scanner makes a 17 second scan of each recruit who can then be processed in just 45 seconds.

The system has already been utilized to scan over 20,000 recruits (350 platoons) and has automatically sized over 220,000 clothing items. A marked improvement in correct uniform fit has been noted, particularly in dress uniforms. Both the garment industry and consumers stand to gain from the tremendous success of this trailblazing project carried out by the Marine Corps.

Please visit Cyberware at Booth #1933 at Siggraph 2001 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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