Desktop Scanner Lowers the Cost of Rapid 3D Color Digitizing

MONTEREY, CA - July 9, 1991 - Cyberware Inc. has introduced an entry-level 3D digitizer, the 3030LN, which promises to make the company's advanced technology available to a much wider circle of users. The digitizer acts as a camera that captures a highly detailed 3D color "image" of an object for use in computer applications.

The 3030LN employees the same optical unit used in Cyberware's high-end digitizers, but on a simplified desktop platform. The 3030LN thus lowers the cost of rapid 3D digitizing, without sacrificing the high speed and image quality that have made Cyberware the leader in the field.

In less than 30 seconds, the 3030LN can scan one side of an object. The resulting 3D color model is immediately available on an IBM-compatible personal computer or graphics workstation. Multiple scans of the object can be combined to create a complete 3D model of the object in color. The 3D model can then be manipulated and measured in a variety of ways. Users can also send the model data to an automated milling machine or 3D prototyping equipment to create a physical model.

The 3030LN scans in a linear fashion, digitizing objects as long as 50 cm (about 20 inches). The 3030LN's motion platform is fully software controlled, allowing users to set the digitizing resolution. Typical minimum resolution is approximately 0.5 mm.

In operation, the 3030LN uses a low-power laser to illuminate a profile of the object. As the 3030LN scans the object, one video camera captures a continuous series of the object's profiles, while another captures color information.

Cyberware offers software tools to control the scanning process, manipulate the resulting 3D models, and convert the models for use in programs such as AutoCAD, Alias, and Wavefront. Cyberware software supports IBM compatible PCs with or without the IrisVision/24 high-performance 3D rendering hardware from Silicon Graphics.

The 3030LN hardware package costs $29,500 with a PC-compatible interface. Delivery is 45 days ARO.

Cyberware manufactures several types of rapid 3D color digitizers, which are used by doctors, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, artists, and film makers around the world. Color transparencies of the 3030LN are available.