Cyberware 3D Scanner Goes to Greek Dig

Monterey, CA - August 1, 1997 - Cyberware announced that one of the company's 3D scanners has been installed at an archeological dig site in Greece. Archeologists are using the scanner to record the shape and color of artifacts ranging from sculptures of goddesses to potshards.

The excavation is at Dion on the slopes of Mount Olympus and is managed by Professor Dimitrios Pandermalis of the Department of Archeology and History of Art at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The project is sponsored in part by the European Union.

The site includes a temple complex dating from 413BC, along with associated baths, stores, lodgings, and other structures. Among the many artifacts found at the site are hundreds of sculptures varying from 3 feet tall to life size. Prominently represented are the goddesses Demeter and Aphrodite.

A Cyberware 3030MS scanner has been installed on site to scan these sculptures and other artifacts. The scanner captures the shape and color of an object in about 17 seconds. A graphics workstation immediately shows the results of the scan as a full-color 3D model, allowing users to rotate and view the model from all sides. Software tools can instantly measure the object's size and volume.

The smooth, light-colored stone from which the Greek sculptures were carved makes an ideal subject for 3D scanning. Because some of the sculptures are quite large, Cyberware CyDir software is used to automate the process of assembling multiple scans into a complete 3D model. Archeologists are also studying the possibility of scanning individual potshards and using CyDir to help reassemble the pieces into a 3D model of the original pot.

One of the goals of the project is to release a CD-ROM of the excavation's findings, including 3D models of several statues. The idea is to give viewers a virtual-reality experience of the artifacts.

About Cyberware

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