The World's First Whole Body Scanners Bring True Human Forms To Computer Graphics

MONTEREY, CA - May 11, 1995 - Cyberware has announced the introduction of the first 3D scanners to capture the shape and color of the entire human body in one pass. Just as Cyberware revolutionized computer graphics by allowing designers, animators, and researchers to work with true human faces, now Cyberware continues the revolution with true human forms.

In as little as 12 seconds the Cyberware whole-body scanners - the WB2 and WB4 - scan the entire human body in color and 3D. Each of these systems scans a cylindrical volume 2 meters (79 inches) high with a diameter of 1.2 meters (47 inches).

To capture the intricacies of the human body in one pass, the whole-body scanners use two or four scanning instruments mounted on vertical towers (for the WB2 and WB4, respectively). The WB4's use of four instruments improves accuracy on the sides of the body and in difficult-to-reach areas, such as under a person's arms. With a person standing on either scanner's platform, the instruments start at the person's head and move down to scan the entire body.

As with Cyberware's other scanners, workstation software controls all scanning and motion operations. Within seconds after completing a scan, graphics tools on the workstation let users view the results. Cyberware's CyZip software then combines the models from the multiple scanning instruments into one smooth and complete 3D model of the human body.

The WB scanners are of special interest to animators, anthropologists, and designers, who can now obtain alternatives to inaccurate models of the body based on over-simplified or stylized forms. The anthropometry group at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base acquired the first WB4 in April of this year.

The WB2, with two scanning instruments, costs $290,000 and delivers within 90 days of receipt of order. The WB4, with four scanning instruments, costs $410,000 and is also available within 90 days.

Cyberware color 3D scanners assist in applications such as artistic product design, CAD/CAM, special effects for movies, research, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, medical appliance design, anthropometry/ergonomics, and personal portrait sculpture. For 10 years, Cyberware has manufactured the world's leading 3D scanners.