Laser Sizes Up Your Body, Fits Your Clothing

Monterey, CA. - August 9, 1999 - The dimensional complexities of the human form have been mastered by Cyberware's(tm) laser-based DigiSize(tm) software. DigiSize uses advanced 3D technologies employing a multi-point laser scanner to acquire every detail. It computes a myriad of body measurements in about fifteen seconds. Absolutely no body contact is involved, and the laser is as harmless as the commonplace supermarket scanner.

These measurements are far more consistent than traditional tape measurements, which are vulnerable to positioning variations, tape tension, and other human variables. The acquired measurements can be processed to:

The Cyberware DigiSize System is comprised of three major elements:

Stephen Addleman, Vice President of Cyberware said, "DigiSize was partially developed in a joint government project to improve and automate fitting and issuing of military clothing. As a result, it offers complete, state-of-the-art, seamless solutions to age-old tape measurements and trial-and-error fitting problems from start to finish."

About Cyberware

For nearly two decades, Cyberware has developed and manufactured the world's most advanced 3D scanning products. These innovative products include 3D scanners ranging from compact desktop models to systems for scanning the entire human body in one pass. Cyberware 3D Scanners and software have been used in applications such as artistic product design, CAD/CAM, research, animation and special effects for film, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, medical appliance design, anthropometry / ergonomics, and personal portrait sculpture.