Body Measurement / Garment Fitting Software

Monterey, CA. - August 9, 1999 - Until now, body measurement and garment fitting have been the domain of tailors. Today that has all changed with Cyberware's(tm) introduction of DigiSizeT Software.

DigiSize Software takes in three-dimensional body form data acquired by whole body scanners and performs three major processes to compute accurate garment sizes:

Stephen Addleman, Vice President of Cyberware, said "Existing garment sizes are based on traditional tailoring measurements, such as inseam and sleeve length. Our greatest challenge was to develop software that could automatically determine the correct measurement locations and paths on a massive array of three-dimensional body points that would correspond to traditional measurement results."

Addleman continued, "Where the human eye can easily pick out these points on the body, we needed a form of artificial intelligence to enable the software to do so - effectively coping with the vast variations in human body sizes and shapes."

DigiSize Software uses special techniques to identify the inherent measurement landmarks on the human form, such as wrist and shoulder, with no user intervention. Once those points are determined, DigiSize then extracts body measurements by following the same path across body curves and contours as would be done in traditional measurements. (This is necessary in order to comply with established garment sizing specifications). Finally, DigiSize analyzes the computed body measurements in reference to sizing specifications for the target garment and outputs the ideal size selection.

DigiSize software can also be used to provide error-free non-contact measurement data for conventional tailoring, or automated made-to-measure systems.

Future applications will enable users to be scanned, and then use their three-dimensional scan file to preview how they will look in a garment without even trying it on - in a store viewing kiosk - or on the Internet!

About Cyberware

For nearly two decades, Cyberware has developed and produced the world's most advanced 3D scanning products and software. These innovative products include 3D scanners ranging from compact desktop models to systems for scanning the entire human body in one pass. The supporting software is continuously setting standards in three-dimensional imaging. Cyberware 3D Scanners and software have been used in applications such as artistic product design, CAD/CAM, research, animation and special effects for film, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, medical appliance design, anthropometry / ergonomics, and personal portrait sculpture.