Model 15 Desktop Scanning

MONTEREY, CA - August 6, 1996 - Cyberware has introduced a low-cost, easy-to-use version of the company's industry-leading 3D scanners. The new Model 15 scanner offers the same fast, high-resolution capabilities as Cyberware's large 3D scanners, but in a desktop system that will appeal to a broad range of users.

The Model 15's low cost has been made possible by reducing the scanner's size and simplifying the design. The performance, optics, and electronics are equal to or better than those of Cyberware's other scanners.

In a few seconds, Model 15 users can capture highly detailed 3D "images" that can be analyzed, modified, and physically reproduced using automated milling machines or rapid-prototyping systems. The Model 15 is ideal for purposes such as product design; CAD/CAM, research, animation and special effects for film, reconstructive and medical implant design, other medical applications; anthropometry/ergonomics, and reverse engineering.

The Model 15 features a complete 3D scanning package - scanning unit, motion subsystem, and software - in an integrated format that fits easily on a desktop. With the addition of a Silicon Graphics workstation, the system includes everything users need to make fast, high-quality 3D scans.

The motion subsystem built into the Model 15 furnishes both linear and cylindrical scanning. These scanning patterns allow users to scan virtually any type of object using a field of view measuring 25 15 7.5 cm (10 6 3 inches). With multiple scans, users can scan somewhat larger objects.

All the scanning motions and other settings are controlled completely by the software that comes with the Model 15. This software - an enhanced version of Cyberware's previous bundled software release - gives even non-technical users an easy way to capture the shape of 3D objects. The new software achieves exceptional results by quickly and automatically combining dozens of scans. Each scan requires only a few seconds, yet the technique eliminates much of the shadowing that can sometimes make complex objects difficult to model. Models are often completed in less than an hour.

The bundled software includes tools for controlling the scanner, viewing scanned images, merging multiple scans, decimating polygonal models, and converting the models to a variety of formats. Optional software allows user to edit polygonal surfaces, fit NURBS surfaces, and create displacement maps.

Like other Cyberware 3D scanners, the Model 15 uses video technology to capture an object's shape in about 17 seconds, without touching the object. The resulting 3D model is displayed instantly on the Silicon Graphics workstation.

The complete Model 15 scanning packages costs $14,900 (Canada, Mexico, United States), in contrast to the $50,000+ price of comparable instruments. The price includes a 90-day return-to-factory warranty, one year software support and updates, hotline support, and a training class at the factory in Monterey, California.

For more than 13 years, Cyberware has manufactured rapid 3D scanners, including the 3D color scanners used in the making of films such as Terminator II, Casper, and Batman II. Cyberware recently introduced the world's first whole-body scanner, which allows users to capture the shape and color of the entire human body in one pass.