CySlice v2.0 Available For Creating NURBS Models

Monterey, CA - July 14, 2000 - The remarkable new polygons to NURBS tools, CySlice v2.0, was developed by headus to satisfy the demand for NURBS surfaces from Cyberware scan data. This award-winning tool allows users to easily extract polylines, splines and patches from polygonal meshes. The detail gathered by Cyberware scanners can now be fully utilized with the use of the Displacement Map tool, which calculates the difference between simple surfaces and the high-resolution mesh. Maps created by CySlice are usable in a wide range of animation and rendering packages. Color information gathered by Cyberware scanners can also be applied through CySlice to the final NURBS model.

About Cyberware

For nearly two decades, Cyberware has developed and produced the world's most advanced 3D scanning products and software. These innovative products include 3D scanners ranging from compact desktop models to systems for scanning the entire human body in one pass. The supporting software is continuously setting standards in three-dimensional imaging. Cyberware 3D Scanners and software have been used in applications such as artistic product design, CAD/CAM, research, animation and special effects for film, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, medical appliance design, anthropometry / ergonomics, and personal portrait sculpture.