Cyberware Wins Academy Award

MONTEREY, CA - January 31, 1995 - The thrills in many recent films like Jurassic Park and Terminator 2 owe a great part of their genius to the geniuses at Cyberware who work in the fourth dimension; cyberspace.

On March 4, 1995, Cyberware will be given the Technical Achievement Award by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Cyberware founders, Lloyd and David Addleman, will be honored in a ceremony at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. At this annual Academy Awards Presentation Dinner, the Addleman's will be presented with the Academy Certificate For Technical Achievement for their development of the Cyberware 3030 3D digitizer.

The lifelike movements of Jurassic Park dinosaurs that had audiences screaming in terror would not have been possible without the magic of Cyberware, based in Monterey, California.

Cyberware designs and manufactures user-friendly hardware and software products which permit rapid 3D color scanning. The company has pushed the technological edge of the envelope in 3D digitizing. Its unique products allow doctors, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, and especially to the delight of movies audiences worldwide - filmmakers, to create lifelike visualizations of real world objects.

Besides Jurassic Park, other films that have employed this cybermagic are Angels In The Outfield, Mask, Batman Returns, Terminator 2, In The Line Of Fire, and Death Becomes Her. For Hollywood, Cyberware has invented a Star Trek Holodeck that lets filmmakers build moviegoer fantasies.

The Cyberware 3030 3D Color Digitizer uses laser and video technology to capture the shape and color of an object in three dimensions - the computer equivalent of a 3D camera. Unlike older 2D scanners, Cyberware's 3030 3D Digitizer produces three dimensional computer data which, using Cyberware's special software, can be manipulated and animated to produce the now-familiar effects which audiences view worldwide.

The state-of-the-art technology can scan an object in less than 30 seconds while still creating resolution of 1 × 1mm, with texture and color retained to a remarkable degree.

The fourth dimension created by Cyberware is going to be an enjoyable place for movie audiences to spend time. Skip the Holodeck. Beam everyone to the nearest movie theater.