Cyberware Awarded Contract For World's First Whole Body Scanner

MONTEREY, CA - August 1, 1994 - A contract for the first-ever whole body scanner has been awarded to Cyberware by EG&G Idaho, according to an announcement by Cyberware president David Addleman.

The scanner, which, in seconds, provides highly detailed, three-dimensional images of the entire body in digital form for display and manipulation at computer graphics workstations, will be the first of its kind.

The scanner will be designed to specifications developed by EG&G for the United States Air Force. EG&G specializes in optical data techniques for the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.

The Air Force expects to benefit from the innovative scanners' use in equipment design; projects ranging from form-fitting flight suits to space helmets that have to fit within a fraction of a millimeter can be improved by the technology, according to Vance Deason of EG&G Idaho.

Cyberware, of Monterey, California, pioneered the use of 3D color scanners for special effects animation and design work with scale models. Cyberware scanners have made possible the digitized special effects seen in dozens of films including Jurassic Park, Batman Returns, and In the Line Of Fire. Its user-friendly hardware and software products, the first to be able to accurately scan the human head for 3D digital models, are internationally respected by doctors, engineers, researchers, manufacturers and artists.

0 to 60,000 In One Second

The Whole Body Scanner will produce up to 60,000 3D measurements per second and will cover the human form in just twenty seconds, thus making antiquated anthropologic measurements obsolete. Mounted on vertical towers, optical heads scan a cylindrical volume with a diameter of 1.2 meters and a height of two meters.

The multiple scans are then "zippered" to create a highly-detailed, color 3D model. "We're going from a few point measurements, typical of older human measurement techniques, to a few million in just a very short time," noted Vance Deason of EG&G Idaho. "We expect there will be numerous applications."

Cyberware manufactures a variety of user-friendly hardware and software products for rapid 3D color scanning. Cyberware products, which will digitize virtually any object, are being used by doctors, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, artists and film makers worldwide.