Cyberware Rapid 3D Scanner Doubles Resolution

MONTEREY, CA - June 22, 1992 - Cyberware has introduced a 3D scanner that offers twice the resolution of previous models. At 75 points per inch, the 3030/HIREZ scanner can capture minute details of a 3D object's shape and color. The 3030/HIREZ is the latest in a long series of rapid 3D scanners from Cyberware.

The ability to capture details such as small wrinkles on the human face or printing on a 3D object opens new applications for 3D scanning. Package designers, for example, can now work with the smallest details of a package model on a graphics workstation. The 3030/HIREZ also enhances existing 3D scanner applications. Doctors can plan cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedures with higher accuracy. Researchers can archive highly accurate 3D images of fragile objects and study the images rather than the objects themselves.

The 3030/HIREZ scanner works with all existing Cyberware software and motion platforms. The latter include platforms for general-purpose work, platforms for specific applications (such as scanning the human head), and the company's low-cost desktop platforms.

Like other Cyberware 3D scanners, the 3030/HIREZ uses video technology to capture an object's shape and color in 13 seconds without touching the object. The resulting 3D image is displayed instantly on a graphics workstation, where the image can be resized, measured, combined with other images, and edited in a variety of ways. Scanned objects can also be reproduced using automated milling machines or rapid prototyping systems.

Cyberware scanners are used in applications such as artistic product design, CAD/CAM, research, animation and special effects for film, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, medical appliance design, anthropometry/ergonomics, and personal portrait sculpture.