Project Menu

The Project menu provides access to one of the main features of DigiSize, the Project Manager. The Project Manager makes it easy to define multiple projects and to switch between those projects easily within the DigiSize application. Each project defines the location of a separate database and custom labels for the data fields that are displayed in the various screens. When scanning, files will automatically be stored in the current project database for future viewing and analysis.

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Project Menu


The Project Manager allows the user to customize the Measurements and Points in a project. Groups of measurements and points developed for specific users are available for quick selection.

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Project Manager

For examples showing how to use the Open Manager, visit one of the following tutorials:


Category Manager...

Category Manager is used to manage and associate all measurements with specific DigiSize customers and a project type; Head & Face or Whole Body. This menu item is reserved for use by Cyberware's engineering staff and developers.