Set the Home Position

This page lists the steps required to adjust the home position of the motion platform using DigiSize. We assume that the user has a good working knowledge of Windows and is very familiar with DigiSize.

Required Tools

In order to complete this procedure, you must have the following:


  1. Open the scanner configuration file in a text editor. The scanner configuration file is located in the '...\DigiSize\cfg\' directory. This file will be of the format, XX-####-factory.txt.
  2. Secure the scan subject (For best results, a Cyberware calibration cylinder should be used) to the motion platform using a few pieces of clay. Try to center the subject over the axis of rotation.
  3. Launch CyDir.
  4. [CyDir]
  5. Press the Scan button. This will open Guee, a program for controlling the scanner.
  6. [Scan Button]
    CyDir - Scan Button
  7. Select the appropriate script, according to your particular Cyberware motion platform, at the top of the Guee window. These scripts (*.ee) are located in the '...\DigiSize\' folder.
  8. [Guee]
    Guee - Script Area
    ScannerGuee Script
    Mini Model
    Hires Mini Model
    Hires Model
  9. Set the number of scans to 8.
  10. [Guee]
    Guee - 8 Scans
  11. Click on the Open button to launch the scanning software.
  12. [Guee]
    Guee - Open
  13. Home the scanner by selecting the Home button in the Guee window.
  14. [Guee]
    Guee - Home
  15. Press the Scan button in the Guee window.
  16. [Guee]
    Guee - Scan
  17. When the scanning is complete, press the Merge button in CyDir to launch the CyPie software.
  18. [Merge Button]
    CyDir - Merge Button
  19. Observe the default alignment of the scans. There are two possibilities here:
    1. If there are no obvious gaps in the alignment of the scans, continue to the next step.
    2. If there is some misalignment, complete the following procedure:
      1. Using the scroll bar on the right edge of the CyPie window, scroll to a middle latitude. Basically, you want to see only the middle of the scan subject, not the base or any support features.
      2. Check the Use current lat checkbox.
      3. In the CyPie window, click the Auto Align button.
      4. [CyPie]
        CyPie - Auto Align Button
      5. The scans should now be aligned. At the bottom left of the display section of the CyPie window, you'll see "pos:", followed by a number. This number is the home position adjustment value. If this value is between -100 and +100, there is no adjustment required. If the value is outside these values, write down the number of the home position adjustment value and continue to the next step.
  20. Exit CyPie.
  21. Close the scanning software by clicking the Close button in the Guee window.
  22. [Guee]
    Guee - Close
  23. Exit CyDir.
  24. Turn off the power switch on the back of the Cyberware SCSI interface.
  25. In the configuration file (opened in step 1), locate the value 'motion mx set posHome'.
  26. Multiply the pos value from CyPie by .001. This will give you the amount of change that is required.
  27. Subtract the change value from the current posHome value.
  28. Replace the current posHome with the new value in the configuration file.
  29. Save the configuration file.
  30. Turn the power switch on the Cyberware SCSI box to the ON position.
  31. Repeat this procedure in order to verify the setting.