Pre-Installation Instructions

This checklist should help you to prepare for the installation and training services that Cyberware provides with the purchase of most scanners.

Please check to see that there is:

  1. Adequate space is available for the scanner, workstation, operators and scan subjects.
  2. Some general information is available in the Site Preparation section of the DigiSize user guide. More specific information for each scanner is available in the Platform section of each motion system (see below).

  3. Clear access to get the scanner into the building.
    The system is heavy and awkward to handle. Depending upon the capabilities of your facility, a pallet jack may be needed to move the crate from the truck lift to the installation site.
  4. If you are not installing in a warehouse-like location, you may have to un-crate the scanner parts to get them to your planned location. A 1 m (36") doorway will allow you to bring in all parts without further disassembly.

    The scanhead is the most fragile part of the scanner and as such it should be handled with extreme care. It will be packed in a large white box inside the crate. Take care not to jar the scanhead and attempt to minimize any "rough" movements with this piece of the scanner.

  5. A convenient power source located within 2 m (6') of the intended installation location.
    You should also see that there are two separate surge protectors available for the scanner and PC. We cannot stress enough the importance of a good surge protector.
  6. Easy access to telephone with outside line.
    There are occasions when the technician will require a telephone with the ability to dial a long distance or international number for the purposes of troubleshooting, licensing, or other installation duties. The telephone must be within reach of the scanner and associated computer.
  7. An Internet connection.
    An internet connection is required by the Cyberware technician and will give you access to up-to-date online user guides and software updates.
  8. The workstation is ready.
    The operating system must be properly installed and system administrator privileges (including the necessary passwords) should be immediately available. Also, please have available the Microsoft Windows Installation CDs for the technician, as there may be some Windows services and protocols that need to be installed in order for the scanner to function fully.

On-Site Visit

Before scheduling a time for installation and training with Technical Support please also ensure that:

  1. The equipment has arrived and all of the conditions above are met. Generally, after notifying Cyberware Support, the technician can be at your site within 14 days.
  2. Ensure that staff requiring training are available on the dates you plan to request. Please keep the number of trainees below four (4), as the trainees will need significant "hands-on" time with the scanners. This also guarantees that the trainees receive the maximum benefit from the training sessions. The training will require a MINIMUM of two full days of training.
  3. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you assemble the scanner and install the software prior to contacting Cyberware Support for training. By doing this, your users will become MUCH more familiar with the individual parts and various system components and the Cyberware technician can concentrate on the training. Installation instructions are available and easy to follow.