License Installation

These instructions are for Windows-based scanners and assume a working knowledge of Windows and general workstation setup procedures.

Some of the programs used during the scanning process require licenses. All licenses acquired from Cyberware are for a single workstation ONLY, unless a floating license or a dongle-enabled version of the software is purchased PRIOR to installation. There is an additional fee associated with floating licenses and with dongle-enabled software.

There are three basic licensing scenarios. Please click on the link below that describes your setup:

  1. Standard Node Locked Licensing

  2. This is the typical setup offered by Cyberware. The software licenses are tied to a specific computer and can be used only on that single computer.

    Continue to the standard licensing setup instructions.

  3. Dongle-Based

  4. A dongle is a piece of hardware that plugs into the parallel or USB port on a computer in order to easily move licensed software from one machine to another without the need to acquire a new license or set of licenses. A dongle is an add-on product and is not normally supplied with the purchase of Cyberware hardware or software.

    If you purchased a dongle to handle the licensing of your software, please refer to the dongle installation and setup instructions.

  5. License Server-Based

  6. Cyberware offers a license server option for purchase. This option will allow a user to login to a workstation and use licensed software on that workstation without the need to acquire a new license or set of licenses.

    If you purchased the license server option, please refer to the headus license server user guide (user name and password required). Contact Cyberware Support for a user name and password in order to access this user guide.