User Guide Installation

These instructions are for Windows-based scanners and assume a working knowledge of Windows and general workstation setup procedures.


The user guide for DigiSize is installed as part of the typical installation process, so no further action is required from the end user. This user guide is immediately accessible by selecting General Help... from the Help menu in DigiSize. Alternately, the user may point a web browser to the "%DIGISIZE_HOME%/Documentation/index.html" file to manually load the DigiSize User Guide.

The latest version of this user guide is also available from the Cyberware web site or as a download.

We suggest that the DigiSize user guide be read in its entirety. Then the user should proceed to the Tutorials section of the user guide in order to duplicate the examples there and gain experience in scanning.

headus Tools (CyDir, CySurf, CySlice, etc.)

These user guides are included on the installation CD in the "Other_Docs" folder. They are not automatically installed, rather the user must install them.

To install the guides, follow this procedure:

  1. Select 'Start | Programs | headus | about 3D tools'. This will open the headus 3D tools Control Panel:
  2. [headus 3D tools]
    3D tools Control Panel
  3. Click the green Install User Guides button (at the bottom right of the window).
  4. Using the file browser, navigate to the Other_Docs folder on the installation CD.
  5. Click on each file in this folder and that user guide will be installed into the %HEADUS_HOME%\www\ folder.
  6. When you have finished installing the user guides, click the Exit button to close the headus 3D tools Control Panel.
  7. Continue to verify the installation.

To access these guides, open the "%HEADUS_HOME%/www/index.html" file in a web browser.