Dongle Installation Instructions

These instructions are for Windows-based scanners and assume a working knowledge of Windows and general workstation setup procedures.

Dongle Installation

The process for installing and activating dongle-enabled Cyberware software is very straight-forward. This document will outline the steps necessary to install the dongle and supporting licensing software.

  1. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the 'Misc' directory on the software installation CD-ROM.
  2. Double-click the dongle driver installation program, 'hdd32-*.exe'. You should see a window similar to the following:
  3. [HASP Welcome Screen]
    HASP Welcome Screen
  4. Click the Next > button. The HASP Status window will display the current HASP drivers and the versions that will be installed:
  5. [HASP Status Screen]
    HASP Status Screen
  6. Click the Next > button. The installer will now copy the necessary files to your computer. When the installation is complete, you will be presented with a dialog box similar to the one below:
  7. [HASP Install Finished]
    HASP Install Finished Screen
  8. Place the dongle into the appropriate port (USB or Parallel) on your computer.
  9. Reboot the computer to load the drivers and activate the dongle. Continue the setup at the next step.
  10. Select 'Start | Programs | headus | about 3D tools'.
  11. This will open the headus 3D tools Control Panel:

    [3D tools Control Panel]
    3D tools Control Panel
  12. Make note of the HASP value, towards the middle of the window. In this example, the HASP value is "4f000001. This value will be eight (8) characters in length and can be combination of lower case letters and numbers.
  13. Send the HASP value to Cyberware Support for processing and license activation.
  14. After receiving the unlocking key(s) from Cyberware Support, follow any directions that are given to you to activate the licenses.
  15. Typically, Cyberware Support will provide a user with a complete keys file that the user simply copies to the appropriate location in order to activate the licenses.

  16. A sample unlocking key is provided below for your reference:
  17. ce ad d6 de d0 6a d3 89 eo 23 e1 xv v8 87 84 ab 73 # product 4f000001 never 1000

    If you will be entering the unlocking keys manually, Please note that the keys must be typed in exactly the same format as in the example above. Any deviation from the format will result in the license being invalid. Each license key should occupy only one line in the keys file, and there should be no blank lines between multiple unlocking keys.

  18. Verify that each program that was purchased now works and that the license key was accepted by double-clicking on the individual program(s).

  19. Proceed to the final installation instructions.