DigiSize Installation Instructions

These instructions will guide you through a basic installation of the DigiSize software. If you have a version of this software already installed, please use the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control Panel to remove the software from your computer prior to installing any new version.

  1. Login to the workstation as Administrator, providing a password as required.
  2. Load the Cyberware Software CD-ROM into a drive, or locate the software installer.
  3. If the Setup application does not automatically launch, use the Windows File Browser to start the installation (DigiSizeV##.exe).

    The InstallShield Wizard will now take over the installation process. It will help you to install the software with the appropriate configuration for your scanner.

  4. Press the Next> button when the installer presents the welcome screen.
  5. [Welcome Dialog]
    Welcome Dialog
  6. Review the Software License Agreement, then select I accept the terms in the license agreement.
  7. [Software License Agreement]
    Software License Agreement
  8. Press the Next > button to continue.
  9. [Software License Agreement]
    Software License Agreement
  10. Ensure that the scanner is turned OFF before you continue to the next step. Failure to do so will make it difficult to remove the scanner drivers.
  11. [USB README]
  12. You will now see the dialog to select a location to install the software. By default, the InstallShield Wizard will place DigiSize into the "C:\Program Files\Cyberware\DigiSize" folder.
  13. [Destination Selection]
    Destination Selection
    If you would like to install the software in some other location, do the following:
    1. Press the Change... button in this dialog box.
    2. Navigate to the folder into which you choose to install the software.
    3. Select the folder by pressing the OK button.
  14. Confirm the installation folder by pressing the Next> button.
  15. Review the information in the next dialog, then press the Install button to continue. If it is necessary to make changes, press the < Back button, make any corrections, then continue through the installation.
  16. [Confirm Information]
    Confirm Information
  17. Installshield will now place files into the appropriate directories and make any needed environment and registry additions. A dialog similar to the one below will keep you updated on the status of the installation.
  18. [Installation Progress]
    Installation Progress
  19. In the final dialog, press the Finish button to complete the installation process.
  20. [Setup Complete]
    Setup Complete
  21. Continue to install the ASPI layer support files.