Scan Buttons

The scan buttons provide the user with convenient access to the most commonly used commands; Setup, Scan, Scan Stop, and Exit.

[Scan Buttons]
Scan Buttons


The Setup button will open the Scan Setup Dialog. This dialog provides the user with a means to configure a scan to suit any particular requirements. For more information on the Scan Setup dialog, refer to the Scan Setup section of this user guide.

[Head & Face Scanner Setup Dialog]
Scanner Setup Button

Scanner Information

The Scanner Information area presents the user with the type of scanner that is being used, as well as the serial number for that scanner. While scanning and processing the Scanner Information area will act as a progress bar, filling with a blue color as the scanning and processing complete.

[Scanner Information]
Scanner Information

Scan Button

The Scan button initiates the scanning process using the values that the user has set in the Scan Setup Dialog.

[Scan Button]
Scan Button

The scan process should be complete within 30 seconds. It is important that the object be securely positioned on the motion platform and not moved during the process (except when requested to do so).

Scan Stop

Pressing this button will terminate the scanning process. All data collection and motion will cease.

To continue scanning, simply verify all of the settings in the program window and press the Scan button.

[Scan Stop Button]
Scan Stop Button


The Exit button provides a push-button method to quit the CyScan program.

To quit CyScan, simply click one time on the Exit button with mouse Button 1.

[Exit Button]
Exit Button