Zero the Scanner

This section of the user guide lists the steps required to zero a Cyberware scanner using CyScan and CyPie. Please note that you need special equipment for this procedure, a good working-knowledge of scanner procedures and the Administrator password for the computer where the software is installed.

Required Tools

In order to complete this procedure, you must have the following:

  1. CyScan (version 200806 or higher)
  2. CyDir (version 1.3 or higher)
  3. Calibration Cylinder
  4. Clay
  5. Administrator password for the computer.


  1. Verify that the home position is set properly and adjust, if necessary.
    DO NOT PROCEED until the home position is set properly!
  3. Launch CyScan.
  4. [CyScan]
  5. Select the appropriate scanner, if necessary, by choosing 'Scanner | Select Device...'.
  6. Home the scanner by selecting 'Scanner | Home...'
  7. Open the Scan Setup window by clicking on the Setup button at the bottom-left of the CyScan window.
  8. [CyScan Setup - PS]
    CyScan Setup (Head & Face)
  9. Adjust the following settings in the scan setup window:
  10. Mode:Circular (if necessary)
  11. Click the Accept button.
  12. [CyScan Setup - PX]
    CyScan Setup (Head & Face)
  13. Scan the calibration cylinder using the settings from above by clicking the Scan button.
  14. [CyScan]
  15. Wait for the scan to complete, then select 'Options | Tcl Console...' to open the Tcl console.
  16. Type this command into the Tcl console:
  17. vw cc

    A small Cylinder Calibration window will open.

    [Cylinder Calibration Window]
    Cylinder Calibration Window
  18. In the top section of the calibration window, you'll see a text entry area labeled Enter Target Diameter. Type the average diameter of the calibration cylinder into the Target Diameter area. The diameter MUST be consistent to 0.1mm across the entire cylinder. The diameter should be entered in millimeters (i.e. 113.155).
  19. Set the viewing mode to Smooth Shaded Surface by selecting 'View | Smooth Shaded Surface'.
  20. Use ALT+Left Mouse Button to click on a point in the bottom 1/5th of the cylinder (within the green colored area pictured below). Do not pick a point where there is an indentation on the cylinder or within 15mm (0.6") of the indentations. To pick the point, use ALT + left mouse button.
  21. [CyScan]
    Select Within the Colored Area
  22. Use ALT+Left Mouse Button to click on a point in the top 1/5th of the cylinder (within the blue colored area pictured below). Again, do not choose a point near to an indentation on the cylinder.
  23. [CyScan]
    Select Within the Colored Area
  24. Take note of the values in the Calibration window. It will tell you the current values, the amount of the adjustment, and the Change To values.
  25. [Cylinder Calibration Window]
    Cylinder Calibration Window
  26. Press both of the Update buttons to save the new values.
  27. Exit CyScan.
  28. Repeat this entire procedure until the zoffset is within 0.45 mm of the Target Diameter.
  29. Finally, capture a set of 6 scans using CyDir to verify that the changes are acceptable. If the scans do not line up in CyPie, continue with this procedure until acceptable values are found.