USB Installation

These instructions are for Windows-based scanners and assume a working knowledge of Windows and general workstation setup procedures. Complete the installation of the hardware and software in the order presented within this document.

The motion platform must be turned off prior to installing in order for the CyScan software to properly function.

This installation guide assumes that you will have access to a CD-ROM that was supplied to you upon delivery of your Cyberware Digitizer. If you do not have access to this CD-ROM, please consult with Cyberware Support for more information.


The following instructions are broken into the sections below and should be followed in the order presented here:

  1. Pre-Installation Instructions
  2. Motion Platform Assembly Instructions
  3. Install CyScan:
    1. Software ONLY
    2. Software with USB-Based Scanners
    3. Software with SCSI-Based Scanners
  4. Install the headus tools
  5. License Key Installation
    1. Standard Licensing Setup and Installation
    2. Dongle Setup and Installation
    3. License Server Setup and Installation (User Name and Password Required)
  6. Final Setup
    1. CyScan Shortcut Setup
    2. Shortcut Start In Setup
  7. User Guide Installation
    1. CyScan
    2. headus Tools
  8. Verify the Operation of the System
  9. Review the Tutorials


If you run into difficulty while installing a scanner, please consult the Troubleshooting Guide.

Software Removal

For information on software removal, please consult this section of the user guide.