headus Installation

These instructions will guide you through a basic installation of the CyDir software. If you have a version of this software already installed, please use the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control Panel to remove the software from your computer prior to installing any new version.

  1. If not already done, login to the workstation as the Administrator, providing a password as required.
  2. If not already done, load the Cyberware Software CD-ROM into a drive, or download the software from the Current Versions List.
  3. Use the Windows File Browser to start the headus software installation (iheadus-######.exe) application.
  4. Press the Next> button when the installer presents the welcome screen.
  5. [Welcome Dialog]
    Welcome Dialog
  6. Review the licensing information, then press the I accept the terms in the license agreement button.
  7. [README Dialog]
    License Information Dialog
  8. Press the Next> button to continue.
  9. Review the README Information dialog, then press the Next> button to continue.
  10. [Information Dialog]
    Information Dialog
  11. When prompted, enter your name and your company name.
  12. For the purposes of this installation guide, the illustration contains an example user name and company name. Please enter your own information in this dialog. Please note that this information is not collected or used by Cyberware.

    [Destination Dialog]
    Customer Information
  13. Choose to install the software for Anyone or for only the Current User by selecting the appropriate button.
  14. Press the Next> button.
  15. You will now see the dialog to select a location to install the software. By default, the InstallShield Wizard will place CyDir into the "C:\Program Files\headus\" folder.
  16. [Setup Type Dialog]
    Installation Folder

    If you would like to install the software in some other location, do the following:

    1. Press the Browse... button in this dialog box.
    2. Navigate to the folder into which you choose to install the software.
    3. Select the folder by pressing the OK button.
  17. Confirm the installation folder by pressing the Next> button.
  18. Confirm that all of the settings are appropriate and click the Install button to initiate the software installation.
  19. [Installation Settings Dialog]
    Installation Settings Dialog
  20. In the next dialog, press the Finish button to complete the installation process.
  21. [Installation Settings Dialog]
    Installation Complete
  22. Continue to install the software licenses.