The WB4 Platform

This manual explains techniques for setting up and using the Cyberware Whole Body scanning system. It is assumed that you have read the Scanner Operating Manual and are familiar with the operation of your computer.

[Whole Body Color 3D Scanner]
Whole Body Color Scanner

Platform Placement

The Whole Body digitizer is roughly rectangular in shape. It requires a minimum area 3 m tall × 3 m wide × 3.2 m deep (10' × 10' × 11'). A location should be chosen that will allow the operator, at least enough room to walk around the platform for safety checks.

The platform itself is very heavy, 500 Kg (1100 pounds), so that accuracy is maintained. It provides a steady place for the subject as the scanning heads pass across the subject at a constant speed. It should be placed on a solid floor to ensure accurate measurements. A soft, yielding floor may allow movement or vibration which will result in inaccurate measurements. Padded carpets may need to have holes cut to allow the platform feet to contact the unyielding sub-floor.


The cables from the podium to the Whole Body platform are 2 m (6') in length, so you need to choose a location that will allow the cables to be laid in an untraveled area and so that the Podium Control Unit may be situated very near to digitizer head 1.

One electrical outlet will be needed within 1.5 m (5') of the Power Supply/Podium Control Unit; a filtering type power strip is highly recommended. The digitizer heads do not have their own power cords; power to the laser and motors is supplied by the Podium Control Unit.


The large red Emergency Stop button on the pendant is for quickly stopping all operations (e.g. your tie in the linear track or the object is about to fall over). You can also stop the motors by force, but it may take some effort.

Once you've pressed the Emergency Stop button, you must press it again to release it and resume using the platform.

Moving the Platform

There may be occasions when you will want to move the digitizer a short distance for purposes of floor cleaning, redecorating, or rearranging the room. If you do plan to move the digitizer, be aware that the platform is heavy (500 Kg) and should be moved only if the scanning heads are in the Service Position. Just before you move the platform, check to see that all cables are disconnected and that none will be stepped upon or crushed during the move. If you have the need to move the system over a large distance, please contact Cyberware Support for specific instructions.

Maintenance of the Platform

The only necessary maintenance is lubrication of the leadscrew (the large threaded rod that turns to move the scan heads up and down). This should be done once a year. Lightly apply the lubricant that came with the system (in the tool box) to the lead screw. Home the platform after application to help to evenly distribute the lubricant.

For complete maintenance information, please refer to the Maintenance Section of this user guide.

No petroleum-based lubricants should ever be used on any of the Cyberware motion platforms, as they can cause severe damage to the mechanical parts.